University of Iringa (UoI) Selected Applicants 2023/2024

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University of Iringa (UoI) Selected Applicants 2023/2024

Selected Applicants 2023/2023 Academic year. TCU Majina ya waliochaguliwa Chuo PDF. Selection za Vyuo 2023/2024. Selected Applicants PDF | TCU List of Applicants with Multiple admission 2023/2024, The applicants fall under this category (multiple selection) must to confirm which University or programme of their choice. College selection results for the academic year 2023/2024 have been released, and the list of successful applicants is now available. Majina ya waliochaguliwa | Selected Applicants 2023/24 University of Iringa (UoI)

Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU)

The Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) is a body corporate established on the 1st July 2005, under the Universities Act 2005 (Chapter 346 of the Laws of Tanzania) with mandate to recognise, approve, register and accredit Universities operating in Tanzania, and local or foreign University level programmes being offered by registered higher education institutions. It also coordinates the proper functioning of all university institutions in Tanzania so as to foster a harmonised higher education system in the country.

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The Tanzania Commission for Universities succeeded the former Higher Education Accreditation Council (HEAC) which was established in 1995 under the Education Act 1995 with a legal mandate to regulate the establishment and subsequent accreditation of private university institutions in the country. Being limited only to private universities, such mandate was considered unfavourable for the promotion of a viable public-private partnership in higher education as stipulated in the National Higher Education Policy of 1999.

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TCU Second Round Application 2023/2024 after first round, deadline of first round 04/08/2023.  The Tanzania Universities Commission (TCU) wishes to inform the public and stakeholders of Higher Education in the country to be the first phase of admission to the Bachelor’s level First in Higher Education Institutions in the country for the academic year 2023/2024 it is finished. The names of those admitted in this phase will be announced by the colleges.

Applicants admitted to more than one college (Multiple selection) are encouraged to verify their admission in one of the colleges using a special secret number sent by text message through their phone numbers or e-mails they used when applying for admission.

Those who will not receive the message in time, are advised to log in the admission systems of the colleges they were admitted to and asked to use short messages with a special secret number to be able to verify themselves in the relevant college.

Confirmation of admission should be done through the account that the applicant used at the time of apply for admission. List of names of applicants admitted to the college more than one is posted on the TCU website (

The Commission announces that the Second Phase of the Bachelor’s Degree admission for The academic year 2023/2024 start the day when names of selected applicants fist round is released. The Commission insists that applicants who could not send applications for admission or were not admitted in the first phase due to reasons various people should make good use of this opportunity by sending their applications for admission to colleges as they like.

The Commission directs Higher Education Institutions in the country to announce programs that still have space. In addition, applicants and colleges are encouraged to consider the admission procedure for the Second Phase as shown on admission calendar located on the TCU website (

Applicants with MULTIPLE admission status are advised to login into their application account via and request a CONFIRMATION CODE. The CODE will be sent to your active phone and e-mail address, use the CODE to CONFIRM your admission at UoI in the box provided.

The deadline for admission confirmation will be 06th September 2023. Failure to confirm by the deadline will indicate that you have not accepted the offer and your slot will be filled by other applicants

Download PDF Single Admission Round One UOI

Download PDF Multiple Admission Round One UOI

TCU List of Applicants with Multiple admission | Majina Waliochaguliwa zaidi ya Chuo Kimoja 2023/2024
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