Makato ya Kutuma na Kupokea Pesa NMB kwa Mawakala

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Makato ya Kutuma na Kupokea Pesa NMB kwa Mawakala

Makato nmb kwa wakala branches, Makato nmb kwa wakala Kuto pesa cash. Cash deposits, Cash withdrawals with NMB ATM card or NMB Mobile banking, Balance enquiry and mini-statements, Fund transfers to other NMB accounts, Loan repayments, School/College fees payment, Airtime purchase by cash, Payment services (Luku, TRA, TV subscription, air-ticketing, UDART, etc. and Other bill payments.

What NMB Wakala Offer:

Our agents are equipped with Point of Sale (POS) devices with which they do banking transactions. The device is connected to the bank and passes transactions fast and securely. Customers can visit our agents branded with NMB Wakala on the shop sign and get a number of services. You can deposit cash, pay for services or purchase airtime without an NMB account as these services are also accessible by cash.

Do you want to be NMB agent?

By being our agent, you can achieve the following:

  • Earn a lucrative commission
  • Increase foot-traffic to your core business, hence more sales
  • Reduce the risk of keeping or transporting cash from your business to the bank
  • Partner with the biggest bank to serve the majority of our fellow Tanzanians

Makato NMB Wakala

  • Convenience
  • Closer service
  • Queue free service
  • Simplicity

Makato ya Kutuma na Kupokea Pesa NMB kwa Mawakala

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