Majina ambao hawajathibithisha Confirm udahili katika awamu zote 2023/24

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Majina ambao hawajathibithisha Confirm udahili katika awamu zote 2023/24

Multiple Selected Applicants First, Second, Third, and Fourth round Selection 2023/2024. List of Selected Applicants 2023/2024 1st 2nd 3rd 4th. TCU fourth selection 2023 2024 results. Confirm TCU Selection 2023/2024 Click here.


Applicants admitted to more than one college in the Third Phase and those who could not confirm admission in the previous rounds are encouraged to confirm their admission in one of the colleges from today the 13th to the 24th October, 2023 using a special secret number sent by text message through their phone numbers or email addresses they used when applying for admission.

Those who if they do not receive the message in time, they are advised to enter the admission systems of the colleges they were admitted to and asked to be sent a short message with a special number secret to be able to prove yourself in the relevant college.
In addition, confirmation of admission should be done through the account that the applicant used at the time to apply for admission. List of names of those admitted to more than one college posted on the TCU website (

Majina ambao hawajathibithisha Confirm udahili katika awamu zote 2023/24 TCU Imeongeza Muda wa Kuomba Vyuo 2023/24 Mpaka Tarehe Hii Selected Applicants for the 2023/2024 Download TCU Multiple Admission Second Selection 2023/2024 PDF Maombi ya Vyuo Awamu ya Tatu (Third Round) 2023/24  Almanac DIT 2023/24 PDF DownloadMajina Ya Waliochaguliwa Second Selection Vyuo Vikuu TCU 2023 Jinsi Ya Kuhama Chuo au Kozi TCU Students’ Transfer Procedure 2023 TCU Imefungua awamu ya pili udahili vyuo vikuu 2023/24 TCU Imefungua awamu ya pili udahili vyuo vikuu 2023/24

How to Confirm University for Multiple Selected – TCU Selection – TCU multiple selection.

1. Login to your admission account using username and password in the admission system.
2. Then request a confirmation code through a link in your admission system.
3. You will receive a SPECIAL CODE sent to you via SMS or email.

4. Enter the SPECIAL CODE you received into your admission profile to complete your confirmation.

Applicants with multiple selections/admission are required to confirm admission to one university of their choice.

The process going on now is colleges to process and approve applications for admission received at colleges in the Second Phase of Admission.

Processing to approve the application when it is completed, the names of those admitted in the Phase. The list of students with selected to one college and multiple admission second round will soon be released by the Tanzanian commission for universities TCU official website.

Candidates can visit Tanzania Commission for Universities(TCU) official website to view names of Applicants with Multiples Admission Second Round 2023/2024.

Click to Download PDF Multiple selection 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Selection

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