Majina 2518 Waliopata Mkopo Awamu ya Tatu

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Majina 2518 Waliopata Mkopo Awamu ya Tatu

Waliopata Mkopo Third Batch, Maina walipata Mkopo batch 3 . 2,518 students are new first-year students joining various higher education institutions in the country for local undergraduate degrees. Orodha ya Majina ya waliopata mkopo awamu ya tatu 2023/2024, HESLB third batch 2023 , awamu ya tatu ya wanafunzi waliopata mikopo 2023/2024 HESLB.


The Higher Education Student Loans Board today announced the Third Phase (Batch III) of 2,518 students who were assigned loans worth TZS 6.9 billion for the academic year 2023/2024.

The number of new students assigned reaches 73,078

Following the announcement of the Third Phase, the total number of new undergraduate students assigned loans has reached 73,078 and the value of their loans is TZS 210.8 billion.

It will be remembered that, 56,132 undergraduate students were assigned loans worth TZS 159.7 billion in the First Phase (Batch I) announced on Friday, October 20, 2023. In addition, the Second Phase (Batch II) with 14,428 students who were assigned loans worth TZS 44.2 billion was announced on Friday, October 27, 2023.

Out of the 73,078 students assigned loans in Phase Three, 42,386 (57%) are male and 30,692 (42.6%) are female.

Importance of SIPA – Student’s Individual Permanent Account

Students assigned loans in the Third Phase, as with all loan applicants, are advised to visit their online accounts that they used to apply for loans known as ‘SIPA’.

We remind loan applicants that SIPA is the IMPORTANT part of obtaining information about the applicant’s loan.

Opening of the Appeals Window

After the announcement of the Third Phase, HESLB is currently completing preparations to open the appeal window that will be open from Wednesday, November 8, 2023 to give loan applicants the opportunity to submit applications for extension or allocation of loans, for students who have not been assigned in the announced Phase Three.

Loan funds budget for 2023-2024
The government has allocated TZS 731 billion for undergraduate students for the year 2023/2024 for 220,376 students. Among them, 75,000 students are expected to be the beneficiaries of the first year after the completion of the analysis of the appeal applications that will be submitted.

How to Check HESLB Allocation Third Batch 2023/24?

1. Go direct to official website of the HESLB’s Online Loan Application System (OLAMS) using any browser eg. chrome on your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer >>

2. Remember to write your information in proper format

These information includes:-

  • Form four index number i.e 
  • Password.

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3. Navigate to “SIPA“ tab where you will see percent or amount of loan you secured.

Clich here to view HESLB loan allocation Tird Batch 2023/24

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