Kozi za Diploma zenye Kipaumbele Kupata Mikopo HESLB 2023/2024

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Kozi za Diploma zenye Kipaumbele Kupata Mikopo HESLB 2023/2024

Kozi/Courses Zenye Kipaumbele Kupata Mkopo Diploma 2023/2023 – Priority programs HESLB Diploma Maeneo ya Kipaumbele Mkopo Stashahada 2023-2024. Minister for Education, Science and Technology Prof. Adolf Mkenda (Wednesday, October 4th, 2023) launched ‘Guidelines for Issuance of Loans for Diploma Students for 2023-2024 Academic Year’ saying the Government has set aside TZS 48 billion for about 8,000 students pursuing high demand diplomas.

In the academic year 2023/2024, loans will be given to students those admitted to the Program/Diploma that fall in the following areas or course.

Afya na Sayansi Shirikishi (Health & Allied Sciences)

(i) ‘Clinical Dentistry’;

(ii) ‘Diagnostic Radiotherapy’;

(iii) ‘Occupational Therapy’;

(iv) ‘Physiotherapy’;

(v) ‘Clinical optometry’;

(vi) ‘Dental Laboratory technology’;

(vii) ‘Orthotics & Prosthetics’;

(viii) ‘Health record & information’;na

(ix) ‘Electrical and Biomedical Engineering’.

Elimu ya Ualimu (Education and Teaching)

(i) Stashahada za msingi za Ualimu: Stashahada ya Ualimu wa Sayansi katika masomo ya Fizikia, Kemia na Hisabati; na

(ii) Stashahada za Elimu na Mafunzo ya Ufundi Stadi (TE&VET).

Usafiri na usafirishaji (‘Transport and Logistics’)

(i) ‘Aircraft Mechanics’;

(ii) ‘Ship building and repair’;

(iii) ‘Railway construction and maintenance’; na

(iv) ‘Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Uhandisi wa nishati (‘Energy Engineering’)

(i) ‘Renewable Energy Engineering (Hydro, Wind, Solar)’; na

(ii) ‘Pipeline, Oil and Gas Engineering’.

Madini na sayansi ya sayari (‘Mining and Earth Science’)

(i) ‘Lapidary and Jewelry’;

(ii) ‘Mineral Processing’.

Kilimo na Ufugaji (‘Agriculture and Livestock’)

(i) ‘Leather Technology’;

(ii) ‘Food Technology and Human Nutrition’;

(iii) ‘Sugar Production Technology’;

(iv) ‘Veterinary Laboratory Technology’;

(v) ‘Horticulture’;

(vi) ‘Irrigation Engineering’; na

(vii) ‘Agro Mechanization’.

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