Joining Instruction Songea Teachers College 2024/25

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Joining Instruction Songea Teachers College 2024/25

Joining Instruction Songea TC 2024/2025 | Chuo Cha Ualimu Songea | Songea Teachers College is a government institution. Historically, the college was established by Benedictines Missionaries of Catholic Church in Peramiho in 1927. It was known as Peramiho Teachers’ Training College, and its major aim was to train teachers who could serve in Catholic Missionary Schools.
The need to train more teachers precipitated the expansion of the college; hence, in 1969 the college was transferred from Peramiho to Songea Town (Matogoro) in favour of vast land.
The college was nationalized by the government in 1970 and was registered as public Teachers’ College on 1st July 1970, No. CU.28. The nationalization of privately owned institutions was a response to the Arusha Declaration of 1967 whose aim was to provide equal opportunities to all Tanzanians to access education regardless of their religious affiliations

Joining instruction for all Teachers’ College 2023/24 is published

Joining Instruction Songea TC 2023/2024 | Chuo Cha Ualimu Songea Joining Instruction Ndala TC 2023/2024 | Chuo cha Ualimu Ndala Joining Instruction Murutunguru TC 2023/24 | Chuo Cha Ualimu Murutunguru

Joining Instructions means instructions sent to the Customer prior to attending a Course. It include details links to specific course like tuition fees, uniform, law and regulations, general information about the course and institution/collage and dates to report to the collage.

It is important read to carefully, understand and abide to the instructions stated in joining instruction.

Students who have been chosen to enroll in colleges or institutions are given vital information in joining instructions, which are recognized official papers.

Several weeks after the selection process is over, the joining instructions are often made public. To obtain the instructions, students are urged to verify and visit their particular universities or schools.

Joining Instruction Songea TC 2023/2024 | Chuo Cha Ualimu Songea


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