Jinsi ya kutumia mfumo wa Utumishi Ess na PEPMIS

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Jinsi ya kutumia mfumo wa Utumishi Ess na PEPMIS

Jinsi ya kutengeneza task na subtask PEPMIS | ESS Utumishi Login – Employee Self Service. ESS Employee Self Service. ESS is a a revolutionary tool that caters to the various needs of public servants in Tanzania. With its impressive range of features and user-friendly interface, managing employment-related information and services has never been easier. The platform continues to serve as a model of efficiency, transparency, and professionalism in public service management, echoing the core values of good governance in Tanzania.

Steps how to access PEPMIS

1. Click on the PEPMIS module within the ESS Utumishi platform.

2. The module will open and display six steps related to employee performance evaluation:

  • Annual Institutional Performance Planning
  • Implementation and Monitoring
  • Annual Institutional Performance Plan Update
  • Employee Performance Assessment
  • Employee Performance Assessment Referral and Appeal
  • Report

How to create Tasks and Subtasks

1. After login to portal, click on the first element of PEPMIS to begin.

2. You will see a dashboard with options to create tasks and subtasks. Provide details such as start and end dates, weight, performance indicators, and actions.

3. Click on ‘+Create Task’ to enter your first objective and save it.

4. Repeat this process for all your goals for the year.

5. Use the ‘Action’ options to create, view, edit, delete, or submit subtasks.

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