Jinsi ya Kupata Cheti Cha Form Four/Six Kama Umepoteza

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Jinsi ya Kupata Cheti Cha Form Four/Six Kama

Umepoteza chat cha Form Four au Six?  Jinsi ya Kupata Cheti Mbadala NECTA Form six au Form Four,

One has to apply for Confirmation of results that goes to the prospective employer or institution of study.One can also apply for a Certifying statement of results.

This is an official document issued by NECTA which shows the grades obtained by a student in a given examination session. Certifying statements will be accepted by educational institutions and places of employment as a legitimate record of results.


Read the following instructions before filling form:-

(i) Make sure that the information you will write in this form is correct. If the tariff you wrote will not be valid, a replacement certificate will not be prepared.

(ii) The cost of the replacement certificate is Tsh. 100,000/=

(iii) The request for a replacement certificate will be received after three (03) months have passed since it was announced in the newspaper for the loss of the original certificate.

(iv) The investigation process will take place in a period of thirty days (one month) from receipt of a request for an alternative certificate where the Police Force (Investigation Unit of photo) will be involved in completing the investigation.

(v) The replacement certificate will be issued only once and will be handed over to the candidate himself and not otherwise.

(vi) If the lost certificate is found to be used in the labor market or training by the candidate he was found to be involved in deceiving the Examination Council in enabling the user of if the certificate is used when it is not his, legal actions will be taken against all people involved in the fraud

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