Jinsi ya Kulipa Ushuru wa Maegesho Parking na Faini TARURA

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Jinsi ya Kulipa Ushuru wa Maegesho Parking na Faini TARURA

TARURA kulipia parking/deni, TARURA menu code *152*00#. Lipia Parking kwa Simu TARURA. Jinsi ya kuangalia deni la Magegesho TARURA. How to check TARURA fees online, Pay TARURA fees Online, TARURA Agent Portal, TARURA Parking Payment.

TANZANIA RURAL AND URBAN ROADS AGENCY (TARURA) is an Executive Agency of the Ministry in the President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government, (PORALG) established under the Executive Agencies Act Cap. 245, mandated to manage development and maintenance of rural and urban road networks.


1. Develop and maintain rural and urban roads network;

2. Carry out engineering traffic and economic studies for the maintenance and improvement of the road network;

3. Establish, maintain and update road management systems;

4. Undertake procurement and management of contracts for design, maintenance, emergency repairs, spot improvements,rehabilitation, upgrading and construction of roads;

5. Improve road safety and manage environmental impact in the road network;

6. Establish and maintain appropriate rural and urban road databank;

7. Establish and operate weighbridges and enforce axle load control in the rural and urban roads network;

8. Provide technical support, supervision, quality assurance and control;

9. Negotiate agreement with private sector entities to facilitate financing and development of selected roads in accordance with guidelines prescribed by Minister;

10. Adopt harmonized approach on technical standards for the promotion of the sustainable rural and urban roads network;

11. Undertake research or collaborate with any research organization with a view to facilitate the Agency’s plan, development and maintenance activities;

12. Demarcate and protect road reserve; and

13. Advise the Ministry responsible for Reg. Admin. and Local Governments on matters relating to rural and urban roads.

How to pay TARURA fees in Tanzania Using mobile phone.

In order to pay parking fees you must get a reference number of the payment. The payer must follow the following steps:

  • Dial *152*00#.
  • Select Energy and Transport
  • Select TARURA e-Parking
  • Choose to pay for parking
  • Enter the vehicle /motorcycle/Bajaj number
  • Select a region
  • Select the parking area
  • Select the type of car/motorcycle/Bajaj

Jinsi ya kuangalia deni la Magegesho Tarura Parking fee HOW TO CHECK PARKING FEE TARURA

Jinsi ya Kulipa Ushuru wa Maegesho Parking na Faini TARURA

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