Islamic Knowledge New Syllabus form 5 & 6 Advanced Level 2023 Tanzania

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Islamic Knowledge New Syllabus form 5 & 6 Advanced Level 2023 Tanzania

Islamic Knowledge for Advanced Secondary Education Form V – VI PDF Download – Syllabus Mpya Kidato cha Tano na Sita Tanzania 2024 PDF Download, New Syllabuses For Secondary Schools – All Subjects Civics, Book Keeing, Mathematics, Science, English Language, Biology, Physics, Geography, History etc.

New Syllabuses For Secondary Schools Tanzania O-Level 2024 Historia ya Tanzania na Maadili Syllabus Darasa la III - VI Syllabus primary school tanzania PDF download I -VI Syllabus for Primary Education Standard I – VII PDF SYLLABUS for Secondary School Form 1 - 4  SYLLABUSES FOR SECONDARY EDUCATION(FORM 1-6), AWALI & SHULE YA MSINGI MTAALA WA ELIMU YA MSINGI Syllabus/Mtaala wa Mafunzo ya Astashahada ya Ualimu Elimu Maalumu SYLLABUSES FOR ADVANCED LEVEL (FORM 5 & 6) SYLLABUSES FOR ADVANCED LEVEL (FORM 5 & 6)

The general objectives of education in Tanzania are:
(a) To guide and promote the development and improvement of the personalities of the citizens of Tanzania, their human resources and effective utilization of those resources in bringing about individual development.

(b) To promote the acquisition and appreciation of the culture, customs and traditions of the people of Tanzania.

(c) To enable and expand the scope of acquisition, improvement and upgrading of mental, practical, productive and other skills needed to meet the changing needs of industry and the economy.

(d) To enable every citizen to understand and uphold the fundamentals of the National Constitution as well as the enshrined human and civic rights, obligations and responsibilities.

(g) To promote love for work, self and wage employment and improved performance in the production and service sectors.

(h) To inculcate principles of the national ethic and integrity, national and international cooperation, peace and justice through the study, understanding and adherence to the provisions of the National Constitution and other international basic charters and

(i) To enable rational use, management and conservation of the environment.

Syllabus is designed to guide the teaching and learning for Ordinary Secondary Education Form I-IV in the United Republic of Tanzania. Syllabus is very important tool in education because guide you what you have to study and what you have not to study.

A syllabus cover:

  • Deadlines
  • Key preparations for class
  • Assignments
  • How you will be graded
  • Time management

Step: How to Download Syllabus

1. Clink on the link of syllabus you want to download.

2. Click the File option from the menu bar.

3. Select Download from the drop-down menu.

4. Choose the format you would like to save the file in. (PDF)

5. Hit the Save button.

Click here to Download>> Islamic Knowledge for Advanced Secondary Education Form V – VI

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