Huduma kwa Wateja RITA Customer care

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Huduma kwa Wateja RITA Customer care

Namba ya Huduma kwa Wateja – Customer support Number Huduma kwa Wateja – Insolvency and Trustee Registration Agency (RITA) – Contact Number – How may we help answer your questions? Wasiliana na Huduma kwa Wateja.

About RITA

The purpose of the Insolvency and Trustee Registration Agency (RITA) is to provide good and consistent information on important events in life, the integration of trustees, the maintenance of assets under trust, of a deceased person, a bankrupt, and children under the age of adulthood in order to enabling the law to take its course.


Namba ya Simu: 0222127579/ 0783526666


Customer Support is a range of services to assist customers in making cost effective and correct use of a product. It’s ultimately about making sure customers are successful in solving whatever issues they came to your business to help solve.

Customer service representatives work directly with customers to provide assistance, resolve complaints, answer questions, and process orders. Customers are important because they drive revenues. Without them, businesses can neither survive nor thrive.

Why Customer Service is important? They are responsible for representing your brand when interacting with potential buyers. Customer Service helps to retain your customers, keeps your customers coming back for more purchases and consistently great customer service boost sales.

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