Hubert Kairuki Memorial University (HKMU) Online Application

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Hubert Kairuki Memorial University (HKMU) Online Application

Hubert Kairuki Memorial University (HKMU) Online Application |

Hubert Kairuki Memorial University (HKMU) was established in 1997, being among the first private universities to be accredited in Tanzania in the year 2000, it has since then received local, regional and international recognition.

It was the idea of Prof Hubert C.M Kairuki and his wife Mrs Kokushubira Kairuki to establish the University, moved by the situation in Tanzania after independence in 1961, whereby diseases, poverty and ignorance were declared the country’s key enemies.

Hubert Kairuki Memorial University (HKMU) Online Application

Initially HKMU University was established as Mikocheni International University of Health Sciences (MIUHS), with a focus towards addressing training needs for health professionals in Tanzania, and in sub-Saharan Africa.

Application Procedures & Instructions

Step 1: Read Admission Criteria

Before starting registration/application, read the minimum admission requirements.

Step 2: Create Account (Signup Form)
Fill in the required information and create your account. Upon creating your account you will be given a CODE NUMBER (invoice number) for your application fee payment.

NOTE: Application fee is required upon submission of your application. All payment should be done through TIGO Pesa, M-Pesa, Airtel Money OR Direct to CRDB Bank and use your given CODE NUMBER to pay TSH 50,000/= as an Application Fee.

Payment verification should not be skipped. Skipping that step, you will not be able to continue to the next steps. After payment, please go back to OSIM on step 3 & 4 to complete your application.

Step 3: Log In
Use your Email Address and password created during step 2, then click sign in button to login and continue with your application.

Step 4: Internal Steps After Log In
After Login continue with internal steps and procedures to complete and submit your application.

Undergraduate Programmes

1. Doctor of Medicine Click Here To Apply

2. Bachelor of Nursing Click Here To Apply

3. Bachelor of Social Work. Click Here To Apply

Diploma Programmes in Nursing

Please read carefully the information on this page before attempting anything.

Application for Admission into Health and Allied Sciences Certificate and Diploma programs for academic year 2023/2024. all applications

will be through the Central Admission System with a link below


The diploma in nursing application window is open. The deadline is 30th June 2023. all applicants must apply through the Central Admission System (CAS) using the NACTE website During the selection of the University/School/College, all prospective applicants must select Kairuki School of Nursing as their first choice.

The Deadline for application of the first round:- Deadline 30/06/2023

Click here to Apply for Diploma

Click here To Apply For Undergraduate

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