How to check/search registered business name BRELA

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How to check/search registered business name BRELA

How to check if a Business Name/company is registered in Tanzania? Business Name registered to BRELA ORS. Online Registration System (ORS) This is online portal that allow you to search Business Name/companies registerd by BRELA ORS.

Business Registrations and Licensing Agency (BRELA) is the government’s Executive Agency established to provide business registrations and licensing services and regulate the conduct of business in Tanzania and hence contribute to creating an attractive business environment.
As the government of Tanzania strives to achieve the National Development Vision 2025 at which stage we expect to have grown into a middle income economy, BRELA will ultimately be a major contributor towards realizing this vision.

This service is available only for those companies and business names which are registered in the Online Registration System (ORS) or which already completed data update / filing of annual return service to be transferred to the electronic Registry.

For information about other business names and companies please use “Request for a custom search result” e-service (available for registered users) or use current search procedures in BRELA office.

Visit Online Registration System (ORS) through Url address >>
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