Bei ya leseni ya udereva – Ada za leseni

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Bei ya leseni ya udereva – Ada za leseni

How can I get driving licence in Tanzania? fees for driving licence application in Tanzania. License fees renewable every 5 years Tshs 70,000/=, Driving test fees Tshs 3000/=, Provisional license fees renewable every 3 monhs Tshs 10,000/= All you need is to fill out the application form

Applying driving license for the first time

  • Must have attended any recognized driving college and awarded a certificate
  • Must have more than 18 years of age for motor vehicles and 16 years of age  onwards for motorcycles
  • Must have a learner/provisional driving license
  • Must undergo test and pay test fee
  • Must have an eye test certificate
  • Must have applied to Traffic police for testing
  • Must go to traffic police with a car for testing

Applicant having being tested may be allowed to drive motorcycles and saloon cars.

Ada za leseni Tanzania

Ada za leseni Tsh 70,0000
Ada jaribio la kuendesha Tsh 3000
Ada za leseni ya muda Tsh 10,000
Usajili wa magari Tsh  50,0000

Motor Vehicle Licence Fee

The motor vehicle licence fee is charged on first registration of a motor vehicle  are based on the size of the engine as shown in the table below:

This fee shall not apply to Motorcycle or a tricycle commonly known as Bajaji

         Cubic capacity (cc)              Fee
0 cc – 500 cc Tshs 50,000/=
501 cc – 1,500cc Tshs 200,000/=
1,501 cc – 2,500cc Tshs 250,000/=
2,501cc and above Tshs 300,000/=


What is the legal age to drive in Tanzania?

The minimum age for driving a car is 18 years

What is the maximum speed limit in Tanzania?

The speed limit in rural areas in Tanzania is 80kph and in urban areas it is 60kph.

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